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Do you wish to develop your course?

SEED focuses on the development of pedagogic leadership,

and on the pedagogical development of courses, of staff, and of spaces.

Center for SEED

Center for SEED

Science & Engineering Education Development

Do you wish to develop your course? Is there something in a course or a study program that you're dissatisfied with and would like to change? Do you wish to try something new, but don't know how to?

How can you make large lecture classes both personal and satisfying? Research results from Stanford and many other universities show that students who spend more time in groups and in project work learn better.

SEED helps you identify and define your problems, offers advice and mediates contact with pedagogical developers for further support. Do not hesitate to call!


SEED offers support and guidance:

  • for development projects
  • for the documentation of outcomes
  • on how to study the effects of educational development initiatives and to publish the results
  • for the establishment and maintenance of faculty members' pedagogical portfolios
  • and provides advice on pedagogy and subject didactics
  • and shares experiences about good practice and connects teachers and developers in networks.

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