Work Package 1


Autonomous ferry in Trondheim. Two students on a ferry. AutoRemote. Photo

Our objective is to develop perception and decision-making systems that will enable MASS to accomplish their mission, including fall-backs for extraordinary events.

This WP will solve open problems in the development of technology for solutions to the use cases, and will provide benchmarking solutions and data sets. The work in WP1 can be divided into two main tasks, covering the perception side and the actuation/decision-making side of MASS technology.  The main research tasks are:

  • Task 1.1, which covers SITAW and sensor fusion and will provide the autonomous decision-making processes with information that is largely absent in current systems. A long-term research focus is maritime SLAM and extended object tracking which currently are at low TRL. 
  • Task 1.2, which provides integration of SITAW information in automatic control systems. A long-term research focus is autonomous decision making, developed in an optimal control and AI framework and supported by low-level control algorithms with the reliability and resilience required in MASS technology.