Through targeted efforts, bachelor, masters and Ph.D students will develop new knowledge and effective solutions and gain the chance to contribute to something that really benefits society. 

Together, we will raise competence levels and develop new technology for maintaining road networks, by supporting students and facilitating targeted research.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the Faculty of Information Technology and Electronics (IE) and the Faculty of Engineering (IV) have already established a strong interdisciplinary collaboration. The students will engage in studies and projects that have been jointly prepared by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, NTNU and SINTEF, relevant professional networks and experts, and that are based on recommendations from education and R&D resource pools. 

The assignments are being funded by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and other partners. Close follow-up gives the students a unique insight into current problems and challenges, enabling them to develop solutions that partners can put to use directly.

This interdisciplinary approach generates unique synergies. It is not just a question of rocks and earth – all disciplines must be involved to guarantee success. This includes legal, computer technology, sensor technology, number crunching, construction, image processing and other disciplines. 

bilde forskning

Mann og kvinne kiker på illustrasjoner på en dataskjerm
Photo: Knut Opeide

Illustrasjon forskning

Illustrasjon veg og symboler
Illustration: Jan Opseth