Smarter Maintenance of Road Infrastructure

Smarter Maintenance of Road Infrastructure

Bilde vifteinspeksjon

man inspects fan in tunnel
Photo: Silje Drevdal

About smarter maintenance

The SMARTer maintenance (SMARTere vedlikehold) road infrastructure initiative is a major, interdisciplinary research and development project designed to improve and streamline maintenance of the road network in Norway.

A well-functioning road network is essential to ensure that road users get where they want to safely and on time. Maintaining this road network is challenging, due to the fact that it consists of an extremely high number of elements varying ages and conditions. 

This unique project is a collaboration between the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NRPA), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and NTNU Technology Transfer AS. We aim to develop new methods, products and technologies for the sector. We also want to increase knowledge and contribute to recruitment in relevant disciplines. We hope that the research results will provide the solutions that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and contractors need to be able to implement the right measures in the right place at the right time.

The roads must be in a good condition and safe for road users in line with a zero vision for fatalities and serious injuries. Maintenance and refurbishment of the transport infrastructure is an enormous and important national undertaking. The National Transport Plan highlights resource needs of more than NOK 1,000 billion over the next decade. It is more important than ever to manage funds and resources in the best way possible.

The overarching aim of SMARTer maintenance of road infrastructure is to contribute to operation and maintenance that provides the maximum benefit for both road users and society in general.