Master's degree programme, 2 years, Ålesund

Simulation and Visualization

Calibrating screens

This programme is taught in English.

Welcome to the new semester 2019

Introduction programme for international students 8.-12. August

For new international students:

Thursday 8. August 2019

Time Place Topic By
09:00-10:15 TEFT-lab, K-building, top floor Welcome
Introduction to NTNU in Ålesund and the region, practical information 
Office of International Relations:  
Anne Ulla, International Coordinator 
Kristian Severeide, Higher Executive Officer 
10:30-11:30 TEFT-lab, K-building, top floor

Mini course in the most important ICT systems for students

Per Arne Orloff, Advisor
possibly others
11:30-12:30 C226 Open computer lab with ICT assistance available Oracle Services
12:45-13:00 K-building entrance Lunch bag pick up


13:00- K-building entrance
Short hiking trip to Borgundgavlen (3 km, easily accessible/light terrain).  
Bring good shoes and rain clothes if necessary. 
Anne Ulla
Kristian Severeide

Friday 9. August 2019

Time Place Topic By
09:00-09:30 TEFT-lab, K-building, top floor Summon-up - questions from yesterday  
Anne Ulla
Kristian Severeide
09:30-11:30 TEFT-lab, K-building, top floor
Newcomer in a strange new  country; 
Crash course about Norwegian culture and cultural differences 
Paula Rice, Associate Professor 
Bianca Hammer, Assistant Professor 
Kristian Severeide 
Possibly others
11:30-12:30 K-building entrance Lunch bag pick up


12:30-14:30 TEFT-lab, K-building, top floor Newcomer in a strange new  country,  continues Same as above
14:30-15:30   Time available for individual guidance and questions   

Monday 12. August 2019


Sunnmøre Politikammer – foreign section
Address: Nedre Strandgate 50.



(Mandatory registration for the immigration authorities)

NOTE 1: All students must have preregistered their applications online at by August 1st

You must bring 
*print-out of application form, and*the required  attachments on paper (both copies and originals), and
*a valid passport in original

(EU citizens may bring a national ID card in original instead of a passport).

NOTE 2: Students who register this day do not book an appointment for registration online.

When getting back to campus:

stop by the photo automat at B2 to register and take picture for student ID-card
Student ID-card can be picked up at the front desk 2-3 days after photo has been taken.

Time Place Topic By
 12:30 –  K-building Entrance Lunch bag pick up  
13:00-14:00 Aud. Åse

Information from the Student Welfare Organization (SFS)

Rolf Viddal, Head of SiT Ålesund 
14:00-15:00 Library Front Desk Library resources for students  Anne Hauso, Librarian
Possibly others
15:00- K-building Entrance Tour on campus
Anne Ulla, 
Kristian Severeide

Semester Commencement 13. August

Time: 11.00: We welcome all new students to the semester commencement in the Main Building

Read more about the semester commencement.


Simulation and Visualization

Program for the first days

Wednesday 14. August 

Time  Place Activity
8.15-9.00 Auditorium Naftadjupet Information for 1. year Master students
9.15-12.00 F414 Mandatory startup program
12.30 Townhall Lunsj at Ålesund Townhall

Thursday 15. august 

Time Place Activity
Mandatory startup program

Friday 16. August 

Time  Place Activity
Mandatory startup program
12.15-13.00 Auditorium Fogdegården Mandatory courses in Blackboard and StudentWEB
13.15-14.00 F414 Mandatory startup program


Student registration

Get started as a student

Time schedules

The lessons start after the start seminar. You will find your time schedule in TP:Timeplan

Access card

The access card serves as a key/access card, a library card and for printing. 

Your NTNU user account must be activated before you can get an access card.

  1. On the 1.rst floor in the Main Building, there is a photo machine
  2. Log in with your NTNU username and password
  3. Take a photo and set a PIN code
  4. Go to the Front Desk on the ground floor at the Main Building (during the opening hours 8-15) to pick up your access card. Remember to bring ID!
  5. The access card is printed when you show up, and the photo will be checked


Buy your curriculum on the internet or at the book store Sit Ålesund at campus. You will find your curriculum in the course description for each course. (Choose Autumn 2019/Spring 2020)

Join the Buddy Week

The Buddy Week lasts from August 13th to August 24th. 

Useful Links

About Simulation and Visualization

For engineers and researchers, simulation and visualization are increasingly important aspects of working life. High-quality realistic simulations save resources and can save lives. Simulator technology is used in a wide range of training situations, from aircraft emergencies to surgical procedures or controlling the crane on a freight ship.

Methods that we use include game technology to create realistic visualization of simulations. Visualization is also used in scientific contexts to illustrate results.


The programme is open to both international and Norwegian students. The admission requirement is a Bachelor´s degree in engineering or equivalent. There is also a requirement for a major in mathematics from the Bachelor´s degree, equivalent to 30 ECTS. Applicants with 20 credits in mathematics may also apply.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, the admission capacity for this programme of study was 25 places. The grade threshold for admission to the master’s degree programme is normally a C average.

Job prospects

Simulation and visualization are being introduced in more and more areas of society, and the demand for these skills is therefore increasing. Students gain an interdisciplinary education that enables them to work in a wide variety of areas.

Study environment

Our learning spaces are open to all students around the clock, and are used outside scheduled teaching and training sessions as an academic and social meeting place across disciplines and years of study. This has led to an inclusive social network for students and a good study environment.

Programme components

The two-year master’s programme in simulation and visualization gives you skills that you can use in the discipline you studied in your bachelor’s programme. 

In the fourth semester, you write a final master’s thesis, often in collaboration with local business and industry.

Learning outcome

A candidate who has completed his or her qualification should have a learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence.


If you have any questions about the programme or other academic questions, you are welcome to contact our student advisers by email:

Read more about the programme on the Norwegian website


Degree: Master of Science in Simulation and Visualization
Programme code: 880MVS
Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Restricted admission: Yes
Language of instruction: English
Minimum grade average: C

City: Ålesund, Norway

Department of ICT and Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

How to apply

Application deadlines

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 
1 December 2018

EU/EEA students: 
1 March 2019

Norwegian/Nordic students:
15 April 2019

The application portal is now open


  Please see our FAQ
Group for EU applicants
Group for non-EU applicants