Master's degree programme, 2 years

Simulation and Visualization

– Programme components

The program runs over four semesters of 30 ECTS. Most courses are 7.5 ECTS. The program has a relatively fixed structure, with two elective courses: In the first semester the students choose between two programming modules, depending on their background, and in the third semester they choose one of three electives.

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Study plan for Master in engineering in Simulation and Visualization 2017/2018.

Preliminary program 2018/2019

All subjects are 7.5 ECTS unless specified otherwise.

Autumn 2018: Algorithms and data structures, modelling and simulation of dynamic systems, introduction to applied simulation and visualization, computer graphics 1.

Spring 2019: Artificial intelligence, dynamic simulation of closed-loop systems, computer graphics 2, experts in teamwork.

Autumn 2019: Specialization project (15 ECTS), specialization topics, data processing and data visualization.

Spring 2020: Master's thesis (30 ECTS).