Biology and Chemistry

One-year programme, Trondheim

Biology and Chemistry

– About the programme

Photo: Geir Mogen /NTNU

About biology and chemistry

The one-year programme of study in biology and chemistry gives practical and theoretical knowledge of basic biology and chemistry, focusing on organic chemistry and molecular cell biology.

The target group is students from upper secondary school with an interest in biology, chemistry, and/or biotechnology. You can expand the one-year programme into a bachelor's degree in biology or chemistry or a master in biotechnology. In order to do this, you must apply for admission to one of the bachelor's studies through the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, NUCAS (Samordna opptak). The subjects from the one-year study will then be integrated into your bachelor's degree.

Language of instruction: Norwegian


  • Study programme: Biology and Chemistry, Natural Science - One-Year Programme
  • Duration: Full-time
  • Credits: 60
  • Application code: 194184
  • Ordinary quota: 2019 57.4
  • Ordinary quota f. diploma: 2019 54.1
  • Unit: Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Application deadline: 15. april
  • Location: Trondheim