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fransk årsstudium

French is an important language in an international context. Those who master the French language hold the key to a world which is quite different from the Norwegian and the Anglo American

In addition to France, French is the official language in parts of Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, as well as a number of African countries including Morocco, Algeria and Senegal. Traditionally, French has been the language of diplomacy and international organizations. French culture holds a dominant position in Europe, with a rich artistic and literary tradition. A substantial part of the innovative European culture is rooted in France, and the country has played an important role in building Europe.

French culture is approached from three different angles, which all complement each other:

  • Language
  • Literature
  • Civilization

Through the course of study, we aim to develop your skills in oral and written language proficiency, but we also emphasize theoretical linguistic aspects. Through the programme you will develop your abilities to read, interpret and write texts.

In its literary form, French language is by many regarded as the French culture's most outstanding form of expression. The courses/modules in literature are based on reading experience, and provides insight into various genres of fiction:

  • Prose (the novel and the short story)
  • Poetry
  • Drama

The literary texts will be interpreted critically, and placed in an historical literary context.

The courses/modules in civilization provide an introduction to French history, geography and social science, and aim to create a deeper understanding of French reality, and with that complementing the other two areas of study (language and literature).

The courses/modules language proficiency and linguistics provide a basis for study also in literature and civilization. The language course includes phonetics, grammar and language proficiency (the practical use of written and oral language).

The languages of instruction are French and Norwegian.

A significant number of subjects and courses may be combined with studies in French, depending on your interests and career plans. This applies to other language courses, as well as related courses in comparative literary studies, linguistics and history of the social sciences.

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