One-year programme in Art History

Art History

Collage: Art projection on the Nidaros cathedral, and art history book.

Art History is an historical study of visual expressions in Western culture.

Art is studied through analyses of selected works of art and their aesthetic design, content, possible function and development, as well as their theoretical and historical basis.

Selected works of art include architecture, handicrafts/design, sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations, objects, performance, videos/DVDs, and other more recent art forms.

Furthermore, Art History includes the study of the way through which works of art form the basis for Western visual culture.

Through the programme of study, students will be provided with an overview of the most significant eras in the history of art. They will also learn how to analyse and interpret architecture and environments, pictures and other aesthetic objects. Additionally, they will be provided with basic proficiency to place works in their historical context in order to conduct an analysis of their relation to contemporary historical, social and cultural origins. Therefore, a fundamental introduction to the history of the discipline and the most important theories and traditions of interpretation is an integrated part of the programme.

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