Master's degree programs (1,5 - 2 years)

Please note that this information is for admission to Norwegian master's degree programmes, and for admission to international programmes for Nordic applicants only. Information for other applicant categories here


Result of admission

Result of the admissions process is sent to you by e-mail and posted in Søknadsweb after the primary admission 13 July. You have to reply before the deadline 20 July by logging on to Søknadsweb. You will lose your offer if you do not reply before the deadline.

You can accept both an offer of admission and a waiting list. If you accept a waiting list, and you receive a new offer of admission in the supplementary admission, you will lose the offer of admission from the primary admission.

If you have applied for admission to more than one faculty you may receive more than one offer of admission.

Supplementary admission

New offers of admission are sent by e-mail and posted in Søknadsweb after the supplementary admission 22 July. Admission results are only sent to applicants who receive an offer of admission. The deadline for replying is 27 July.

Postponement of admission

You can apply for postponement of admission for one year on the basis of compulsory military service, long term illness, pregnancy or other significant reasons. To postpone your admission you have to accept the offer of admission before the deadline.

Send a written application for postponement of admission and necessary documentation to The Admissions Office as soon as possible after you have accepted your offer.

Right of appeal

Contact The Admissions Office if you believe there has been an error in the processing of your application. You are required to ask for an explanation of decision before you can appeal.

You have the right to appeal if you do not agree with the given explanation of the decision, in accordance with the Public Administration Act § 28. The appeal must be sent to The Admissions Office by letter or by e-mail within three weeks after you have received the explanation. The basis for your appeal of the decision must be evident in your request. 

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