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English is a world language that probably is the most frequently used language globally, in cultural and scientific communication and presentations, in business life, and in entertainment and popular culture. It is the principal language at international meetings, congresses and in organizations.

There is a wide range of literature, films, scientific works, periodicals and newspapers in English. But English is also an old language, and its history and development can be traced more than 1.000 years.

The study of English aims to provide insight into the English language system, and parts of its historical, regional and social variation. Another important aim is to increase the students' proficiency in the use of modern English. The course focuses on English literature from various time periods, genres and geographical areas, and on analyses of cultural, political and historical features which form the basis for current events and situations in English-speaking societies (mainly Great Britain, Ireland and the US).

Developing your oral and written skills in communicating is a central aspect of the course of studying English at all levels. Since all teaching is in English, the ability to understand and express oneself in English is of great importance. It is also an important part of the students to gain maximum benefit from lectures and group discussions. It is expected that students continuously strive to develop their linguistic competence in English.

Your choice of complementary subjects will depend on plans for future employment. But you may combine English with subjects such as Linguistics, Scandinavian Studies, other foreign languages such as French and German, Applied Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Film and Media Studies, Political Science, Phonetics, Psychology, Sociology, and History.

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