Bachelor's programme in History

Specialization in Ancient Culture

The specialization in Ancient Culture provides a broad presentation of the societies which formed the original framework for the Greco-roman culture from approximately 800 BC to 500 AD. The course of study also deals with what is referred to as 'the heritage of Antiquity', and problematizes more recent understanding and use of antique material.

An important aim of the specialization is to provide students with the proficiency to conduct independent analyses of a wide variety of antique sources. This is gradually acquired through critical readings of translations, combined with the study of modern secondary literature, as well as an introduction to classical languages.

Furthermore, the students will learn:

  • to place the Antiquity as an era in an historical perspective
  • to understand its relevance and actuality through different stages of history, as well as its enormous influence on Europe's cultural life, from the humanism of the Renaissance to the contemporary literature theory.

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