Bachelor's programme in History

Specialization in History

Studieretning historie gir en grunnleggende oversikt over den generelle historiske utviklingen, samt over norsk historie i et internasjonalt perspektiv.

The specialization in History provides a basic overview of historical development from a general perspective, as well as Norwegian history from an international view-point.

Through the course of study, students will be given a basic knowledge of historical methodology and theory. Furthermore, education in generating historical material, as well as developing proficiency in critical and independent assessment of historical material is also emphasized. In order to achieve a more thorough insight into academic debates, sources and research methods, students will, in addition to basic knowledge, be given the opportunity to specialize in selected topics or periods.

The interpretation of history is dependent on the contemporary context in which the approach and analysis is conducted. Consequently, the common views on major historical events and directions depends on the present time and context. Students may choose to focus on the development of historical research in order to acquire an understanding of contemporary interrelation of various historical assumptions and social conditions. Critical handling and management of sources is a fundamental requirement in historical research. Subsequently,history as a discipline within higher education also involves studying the ways through which research is conducted. The specialization provides good-quality training in analyzing and summarizing substantial quantities of information.

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