FY2450 - Astrophysics


Examination arrangement

Examination arrangement: Portfolio assessment
Grade: Letters

Evaluation form Weighting Duration Examination aids Grade deviation
Semester assignment 20/100 C
Written examination 80/100 4 hours C

Course content

Newton's laws and inertial frames. Rotating coordinate systems and Coriolis forces. Newton's law of gravitation and Kepler's laws. Mass distributions, gravitational potential, and potential energy. Virial theorem, gravitational collapse, and formation of stars. Special relativity. Doppler shift. General relativity and black holes. Relative and absolute magnitude of stars. Binary stars. Planck's law of radiation and Wien's displacement law. Stellar spectra. Nuclear processes in the core of stars. White dwarfs and neutron stars. Cosmology and the Big Bang.

Learning outcome

The student will acquire basic knowledge of the solar system and plenatary motion. He/she will get an overview of the formation of stars, the nuclear processes in the core of stars, and their death. Likewise, the student will ackquire an overview of special relativity, general relativity, cosmology, and the Big Bang.

Learning methods and activities

Lectures and problem sessions. Mandatory assignments.

Compulsory assignments

  • Exercises

Further on evaluation

The final grade is based on portfolio assessment. The portfolio includes written exam (80 %) and semester assignment (20 %). The evaluation of the different parts is given in %-points, while the entire portfolio is given a letter grade. For a re-take of an examination, all assessments in the portfolio must be re-taken.

The re-sit examination may be changed from written to oral.

Specific conditions

Exam registration requires that class registration is approved in the same semester. Compulsory activities from previous semester may be approved by the department.

Course materials

M.L. Kutner, Astronomy: A physical perspective (Cambridge University Press 2003).

Credit reductions

Course code Reduction From To
MNFFY250 7.5


Detailed timetable


Examination arrangement: Portfolio assessment

Term Statuskode Evaluation form Weighting Examination aids Date Time Room *
Spring ORD Semester assignment 20/100 C
Spring ORD Written examination 80/100 C
  • * The location (room) for a written examination is published 3 days before examination date.
If more than one room is listed, you will find your room at Studentweb.