TMA4100 - Mathematics 1 - Single variable calculus


Examination arrangement

Examination arrangement: School exam
Grade: Letter grades

Evaluation Weighting Duration Grade deviation Examination aids
School exam 100/100 4 hours D

Course content

Limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration of functions of one variable. The intermediate value theorem, the mean-value theorem, extreme values, transcendental functions, implicit differentiation, related rates, indeterminate forms, Newton's method. Techniques of integration and numerical integration. Riemann sums, the definite integral, and the fundamental theorem of calculus. Area, volume, arclength, area of surfaces of revolution. Sequences, series, and power series. Taylor series, Taylor's formula. First order separable and linear differential equations. Euler's method. Examples of mathematical modelling and from applications to science, technology, and economy.

Learning outcome

  1. Knowledge. The student understands and is able to recognize and apply concepts, results, and methods from single-variable analysis which deals with limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, convergence of sequences and series, Taylor polynomials, and Taylor series. The student understands and is able to apply basic numerical methods for solution of nonlinear equations, differential equations, and integration, and is aware of the possibilities and limitations that lie in the use of mathematical software.
  2. Skills. The student is able to apply his or her knowledge of single-variable mathematical analysis to formulate and solve simple problems in mathematics and the natural sciences/technology, if necessary with the additional aid of mathematical software.

Learning methods and activities

Lectures and compulsory exercises. Information regarding the number of compulsory exercises that must be approved will be listed on the course website at the start of the course. The lectures may be given in English.

Compulsory assignments

  • Exercises

Further on evaluation

Grade based on written final written examination. Retake of examination may be given as an oral examination.

Course materials

Will be announced at the start of the course.

Credit reductions

Course code Reduction From To
SIF5003 7.5
MA1101 3.7
MA1102 3.7
MA6102 3.7
MA0001 6.0 SPRING 2009
MA0003 6.0 SPRING 2009
MA6101 3.7 AUTUMN 2009
TMA4101 3.7 AUTUMN 2020
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Version: 1
Credits:  7.5 SP
Study level: Foundation courses, level I


Term no.: 1
Teaching semester:  AUTUMN 2023

Language of instruction: Norwegian

Location: Trondheim

Subject area(s)
  • Technological subjects
Contact information


Examination arrangement: School exam

Term Status code Evaluation Weighting Examination aids Date Time Examination system Room *
Autumn ORD School exam 100/100 D 2023-12-05 09:00 INSPERA
Room Building Number of candidates
SL310 turkis sone Sluppenvegen 14 59
SL110 turkis sone Sluppenvegen 14 80
SL410 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 51
SL410 orange sone Sluppenvegen 14 58
SL311 lyseblå sone Sluppenvegen 14 96
SL311 orange sone Sluppenvegen 14 65
SL311 brun sone Sluppenvegen 14 82
SL311 grønn sone Sluppenvegen 14 68
SL111 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 36
SL111 lyseblå sone Sluppenvegen 14 72
SL111 orange sone Sluppenvegen 14 60
SL111 brun sone Sluppenvegen 14 81
SL111 grønn sone Sluppenvegen 14 50
SL110 lilla sone Sluppenvegen 14 64
SL415 Sluppenvegen 14 40
SL310 hvit sone Sluppenvegen 14 46
SL310 lilla sone Sluppenvegen 14 80
SL310 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 48
SL110 hvit sone Sluppenvegen 14 63
SL210 Sluppenvegen 14 51
SL319 Sluppenvegen 14 1
SL122 Sluppenvegen 14 1
SL120 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 35
SL274 Sluppenvegen 14 15
SL228 Sluppenvegen 14 8
SL123 Sluppenvegen 14 1
SL121 Sluppenvegen 14 1
Summer UTS School exam 100/100 D INSPERA
Room Building Number of candidates
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