Applied Computer Science

Applied Computer Science

Master's Programme


MACS, Sat Apr 20 18:49:18 CEST 2024 | M2

Would you like to develop digital solutions to improve the interaction between man and technology?

Learn how to master the technology to develop applications, tools, and systems for digital media applications. Since artificial intelligence and virtual reality have now conquered our everyday lives, it is important to understand how these technologies work and are used, but also what their impact on our lives are.

Software developers may, by developing high-quality professional software solutions, contribute to prevent greenhouse emissions, prevent natural disasters, save lives, detect serious illness, or produce entertainment. We have become dependent on application technologies.

On this programme of study, the following specializations are offered:

  • Web and mobile technology
  • Advanced software development
  • Decentralized technologies
  • Computer vision and computer graphics  
  • Colour and image processing
  • Visual computing
  • Medical image computing

This is an international master’s degree programme taught in English.

You will learn how to develop applications, tools, and systems for use in today’s digital world. The programme will provide you with scientific and analytical skills that will enable you to see the potential of the technology. 

You will learn about application development, web, mobile and decentralized technology, and to ask questions as to where and how the technology should be utilized. 

You will develop applied skills and research competence to solve new and complex problems caused by the technological development.

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You will learn how the world may become a better place through technology. This may solve greenhouse challenges, develop the health care system, strengthen civil protection, or develop technology.

You may work as a software engineer or to develop domain-specific software solutions, gaming technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and simulators, and graphic visualization systems. 

You will acquire a competence that is very much sought-after in business and industry.
After the completion of a master’s degree programme, it is possible to apply for admission to a doctoral degree programme (PhD)

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As a student at NTNU Gjøvik you will be part of a vibrant and active study environment. Gjøvik is a place of study where getting to know fellow students is easy, also across specializations, and you will have close contact with lecturers and the academic environment.

You will attend lectures, do exercises and laboratory work, and you will spend a great deal of time with your fellow students.

This master’s degree programme is an international programme taught in English. The students come from all over the world, which provides good opportunities for establishing international networks.

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This is an international master’s degree programme taught in English.

In the first year of study, you will be given a basic introduction to the use of technologies for colour and visual data processing, the development of web and mobile applications, and decentralized technology. The course Experts in Teams (EiT) is compulsory and will give you practical experience in interdisciplinary cooperation.

In the beginning of the second year of study, you will have the opportunity to specialize in a discipline of your choice. Largely, this year, the learning activities are research-based, and you will have the opportunity to work closely with our researchers. 

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The programme of study has 20 places.

The admissions criteria are either a completed bachelor’s degree or an engineering degree in informatics. A minimum grade point average of C and at least 80 credits in informatics are required to be admitted to the programme.

Besides, documented knowledge of mathematics and informatics is required.

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Do you have any questions about the programme of study? We can help you with education plans, election of courses, job relevance, as well as general questions about the programme. 

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