Applied Computer Science

This programme is taught in English.

Welcome to study start 2018

Semester commencement and program for the start seminar

International students:

Orientation Days: August 13-17 2018

All students:

Mandatory start seminar August 14th from 10am in Building K

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Time schedules

The lessons start after the start seminar. You will find your time schedule in TP:Timeplan

Access card

The access card serves as a key/access card, a library card and for printing. A photo for the access card is taken during the start seminar.

Your NTNU user account must be activated before you can get an access card.

  1. By the entrance in Building A there is a photo machine
  2. Log in with your NTNU username and password
  3. Take a photo and set a PIN code
  4. Go to the IT department in Building K (during the opening hours 8-15) to pick up your access card. Remember to bring ID!
  5. The access card is printed when you show up, and the photo will be checked


Buy your curriculum on the internet or at the book store Sit Gjøvik at campus or at the book sales in the cafeteria on August 21st, where former students sell their used books. You will find your curriculum in the course description for each course.

Activity Day

Get to know all student organizations, groups and student unions at campus on August 24th.

Join the Buddy Week

The Buddy Week lasts from August 15th to August 25th.



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About Applied Computer Science

Technologies for digital photo and video, web and mobile applications, and computer games play an important role in today's and tomorrow's world. A master's degree in Applied Computer Science at NTNU in Gjøvik will give you a solid basis for becoming a professional application developer in this rapidly changing world of modern communication.

Brief outline

This is a two-year master program (120 ECTS credits). It is possible to study part-time with an individually adapted study plan.

Master in Applied Computer Science will provide you the knowledge and the skills necessary for mastering key technologies used to develop web applications, mobile apps, and computer games. You will gain experience in developing applications, tools, and systems to be used in the digital world. The rapid development in digital technology constantly creates new and challenging problems. In this study, you will gain scientific and analytical skills that will help you in solving such problems. Furthermore, the study allows you to specialise in one of the major areas of study and to acquire advanced knowledge in your area of specialisation.

The programme has several specialisations:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Games
  • Colour and image processing
  • Media processing

Read about the programme on the Norwegian website


Degree: Master in Applied Computer Science
Duration: 2 year full-time, 120 ECTS
Programme code: MACS
Restricted admission? Yes
Language of instruction: English

Department of Computer Science

City: Gjøvik, Norway

Study start: Mandatory start seminar August 14th 2018 at 10am in Building K

This information is relevant for the present academic year.

Application deadlines

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 
1 December 2018

EU/EEA/Norwegian students: 
1 March 2019

The application portal will open in mid-October 

Do you have questions about your application? Please see our FAQ