Career opportunities

Applied Computer Science - Master's Programme, 2 years - Gjøvik

Career opportunities

You will acquire a strong basis for becoming a professional software developer in a digital world that is changing at a high pace. You will learn how technology can make the world a better place and help people and organizations do a better job.

Applied Computer Scientists are qualified to work in many industries. Most commonly they work as systems developers, IT consultants, IT architects, data analysts, machine learning experts, project managers, sales consultants, customer contact persons, and in contact with users.

You may work as a software engineer or to develop domain-specific software solutions, gaming technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and simulators, and graphic visualization systems. You may also work for enterprises and organizations that develop new and useful data and digital media applications or make advanced use of them.

Master of Applied Computer Science is an international programme with students from all over the world, which gives you the opportunity to establish international networks. Your competence will be attractive in business and industry and your education is internationally relevant. 

Work areas:

  • Data analyst
  • Doctoral degree student
  • Researcher
  • Data security expert
  • IT administrator
  • IT architect
  • IT consultant
  • Machine learning expert/AI developer
  • Media consultant and analysis expert
  • Programmer/software developer
  • Software consultant
  • Project manager
  • Sales consultant
  • Game programmer (VR/XR/AR)
  • Systems developer

Further studies

After the completion of a master’s degree programme, it is possible to apply for admission to a doctoral degree programme (PhD). A PhD programme is the highest level of formal education in Norway. Through a doctoral degree from NTNU you will be qualified for leading positions in business and industry, public administration, higher education, and research. 

NTNU offers a PhD degree in: