Master, 2 years

Master of Science in Safety, Health and Environment

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The master's study in Safety, Health and Environment gives you the opportunity to combine a technical/scientific study with a specialization in how to properly take into account people's health, the environment and the society that surrounds us.

Daily, we read about the climate and environmental problems, severe accidents, increased absence due to sickness, expectations towards a better work environment and about businesses' need for trust in the society. In today's society it is becoming more and more important to consider the safety of the society, sustainable development and individual health. The master's study in Safety, Health and Environment provides a specialized competence that implies an analytical and humane way of thinking with regard to improving both the present and the future. Accidents and unfortunate strains in the work life cost the society much more than preventive measures would have done. Therefore, knowledge about Safety, Health and Environment is becoming more and more valuable within both the business- and the public sector.

The study emphasizes the combination of engineering- (or natural sciences-) knowledge and competence on Safety, Health and Environment. Results are created through the interaction between people, technology and organization. This provides different scientific perspectives and opens up for many future-oriented possibilities.


Degree: Master of Science in Engineering
Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Program Code: MIHMS
Restricted Admission: Yes
Language of instruction: Norwegian

Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
Faculty of Economics and Management

Location: Trondheim

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