Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Advanced Engineering/Master's Degree Programme, 2 years , Trondheim

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

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Do you want to help mankind to obtain energy, materials, food and medicines in an environmentally friendly way?

What is Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology?
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology is a 2-year Norwegian Master of technology program that provides broad basic skills in chemistry and other sciences. The program provides solid insight within your chosen field of specialisation and understanding of the industrial processes that are used. At the same time, students will learn about project work, communication and information, and you will gain contacts that are useful throughout life.

Why choose Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology?
Theory or practice, the choice is yours! The program gives you a lot of choices, whether you like laboratory work, computer simulations or chemistry on industrial scale. You have the opportunity to specialise in exactly what you like best, and you will during the two first years, gain a solid foundation in mathematics, computing, physics and chemistry.

In the master's program in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, you will have access to modern equipment and be guided by skilled professionals. You will get a thorough theoretical understanding and a good understanding of the practical and industrial application of what you learn. This combination makes you highly sought after in the business sector, and it is an exciting education for those of you who would like to make a change. Many master's thesis and project papers are carried out in close co-operation with leading companies in Norway. This means good opportunities for exciting jobs after completing the program.

In addition, many of the greatest scientific innovations today are within chemistry and biotechnology. The new technology, nanotechnology, enables us to control reactions at the molecular level, which presents major development opportunities for new products.

A forward-looking education rooted in basic chemistry and technology subjects provides an excellent foundation for your future career. This two-year long Master's degree program in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology offers four fields of study, and the curriculum corresponds to the forth and fifth years of the 5 year long degree program.

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27 Jan 2017