Urban Ecological Planning



Street photo - Cuba


Research focus in UEP:

  • Various aspects of informality in urban areas
  • Access to land, housing and basic services for the urban poor
  • Contingency planning and planning in crisis situations such as post disasters and conflict
  • Participatory processes in planning for excluded and marginalized communities
  • Institutional alternatives for planning in resource scarcity

Publications on UEP Activities:

Marcin Sliwa, Rolee Aranya, Hilde Refstie (2018) - Urban Ecological Planning. Principles, value positions and application in practice.
ISOCARP 54th Congress Proceedings, September 2018

Elena Archipovaite (2015) – From the Studio into the Field - 'Slow' Learning and Teaching in Context 
Charrette, Volume 2, Number 1, Autumn 2015, pp. 6-18(13)

Ayda Ayoubi (2014) Urban Ecological Planning at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
The New Planner – American Planning Association

Hans Skotte – Working with the Community – Uganda, Africa
School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India


In the past few years, UEP faculty, alumni and students presented their research at the following conferences and events:

  • 54nd ISCOCARP Congress – Bodø, No, 2018
    Cool planning: Changing Climate and our Urban Future
  • Architecture in Emergency – Istanbul, Turkey, 2016
    Re-thinking the Refugee Crisis
  • Habitat III – Quito, Ecuador, 2016
    The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development
  • ETH Whonforum conference, Zurich, Switzerland  2016
    No Cost Housing Conference
  • 51st ISOCARP Congress – Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2015
    Cities save the World - Let’s reinvent planning
  • AAE Conference – Sheffield, UK, 2014
    Living and Learning, the 2nd International Conference of the Association of Architectural Educators
  • 50th ISOCARP Congress – Gdynia, Poland, 2014
    Urban Transformations - Cities and Water
  • World Urban Forum 7 – Medellin, Colombia, 2014
    Urban Equity in Development
  • World Urban Forum 6 – Naples, Italy, 2012
    The Urban Future