Career opportunities

Master of Science in Health Management in Aquaculture

Career opportunities

Foto: Kim Ramberghaug/NTNU

Aquaculture, the controlled production of aquatic (food) organisms, plays a crucial role in relieving the growing need for health, tasty and sustainably produced food. For decades, aquaculture sector is the fastest growing food production system globally and is the only option to reduce the pressure on levelling or declining wild fisheries.

The ever-continuing intensification in aquaculture systems, along with an increased production scale has, however, inevitably resulted in the increased occurrence of viral, bacterial or stress-related disease outbreaks. This calls for innovative solutions to be developed and implemented by appropriately trained experts. 

The AquaH programme will prepare you for a range of diverse career options, including:

  • Head of R&D teams in one of the leading aquaculture pharma companies
  • Self-employed consultant in fish disease issues
  • Governmental veterinary officer responsible for farmed fish health and welfare, quarantine regulation, food quality and security control etc.

For more information please refer to the AquaH programs main website here.