Social Work

Master's degree programme 2 years, Trondheim

Social Work

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Social work is about problems related to social and human interaction. How do we deal with social change, and how can problems of social and human interaction be solved? Attention will be directed toward those groups which are particularly prone to social problems and the social politics directed toward these groups.

Social and human interaction

Social work can be a professional activity focused on individuals or groups, trying to improve their ability to function in the society. It can also be directed toward solving more general societal problems. Understanding the relationship between individuals and society is central in this process, so that this understanding can be applied when intervening in social problems. As an academic discipline, social work has generally been practically oriented, but at the same time it is involved in the general social science debate.

The research in social work has been of a cross-disciplinary character and within the discipline knowledge has often been extended by incorporating information from disciplines such as sociology, education studies, psychology, and political science.

Examples of research in social work:

  • Analyses of work and cooperation at public social service offices or child protection authorities.
  • The life situations of groups particularly prone to social problems.
  • How clients react to social work institutions and personnel.

The exploration of social problems will be central, and so will research related to the discrepancy between the intentions and reality of social work. The emphasis will be on understanding and explaining individual and social problems, and how one can contribute to solving these problems by participating in policy formation as well as in more practically oriented social work.

Students will be provided with a comprehensive introduction to the basic approaches, theories and topics within the discipline of social work. The students will also be trained to conduct scientific analyses and research, and the individual master's thesis will be a central part of the degree. The courses offered in social work are organized as weekly seminars, so that it is possible for students not residing in Trondheim to attend the program.

For information about the courses, please consult the course descriptions.


  • Programcode: MSARB
  • Degree type: Master of Social work
  • Duration: Full-time
  • Credits: 120
  • Unit: Department of Social Work
  • Application deadline: 15. April
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian
  • Location: Trondheim

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