Sustainable Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Sustainable Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Master of Science in Sustainable Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering (Master´s Programme) (Sivilingeniør)


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Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable industry?

The world needs competent engineers who can design and operate industrial processes in a green and sustainable way. Through this multidisciplinary degree you will obtain crucial and sought-after expertise and knowledge within sustainable chemical and biochemical process engineering to ensure zero emissions to the environment, energy efficiency and use of renewable resources and raw materials.

Through multidisciplinary collaboration and training this program gives candidates the knowledge and skills the green transition demands.

The program will focus on development of sustainable solutions that protect the environment and assures sound use of resources, in line with the UN's sustainability goals.

The Master of Science in Sustainable Chemical and Biochemical Engineering combines knowledge from a traditional Master in Chemical Engineering and Master in Biochemical Engineering, but with a strong focus on guiding industries to sustainable solutions.

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The studies give you a basis for a comprehensive, challenging and exciting career with a broad spectrum of possibilities in Norway and across the world. 

You’ll be sought-after for positions within industrial process design, operations and management, research and development, engineering and consulting, as well as within academia and public administration.

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The study programme is situated at Gløshaugen campus, close to the Trondheim city centre, where the technology and natural science departments are located. You will get access to excellent facilities and state of the art scientific equipment. We have strong cooperation with industry, research institutes, and domestic and international universities.

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The master's degree programme in Sustainable Chemical and Biochemical engineering is a two years international full-time Master's degree programme (120 ECTS credits),  with full integration of Norwegian and foreign students where all teaching is in English. 

The program has three main profiles:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology

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It is crucial to ensure that you have relevant qualifications before you seek admission. Please read the requirements carefully by following the link below, they must be fulfilled to qualify for admission to the programme.

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Our student advisors are free to your contacts for all questions about the programme, i. e., compulsory and optional subjects, exams, deadlines, etc. Please contact the advisors if you have any questions.

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