What will I learn

Master of Science in Sustainable Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering (Sivilingeniør) (Master's Programme)

What will you learn?

Students working together in front of a big screen displaying various graphs. Photo
Photo Foto: Kim Ramberghaug/NTNU

Through this multidisciplinary degree you will obtain crucial and sought-after expertise and knowledge within sustainable chemical and biochemical process engineering to ensure zero emissions to the environment, energy efficiency and use of renewable resources and raw materials.

You will learn:

  • Advanced knowledge of chemical engineering, chemistry or biotechnology, with specialization in one of the fields  
  • Relevant knowledge within sustainability, economy and management topics, and how these can be integrated in advanced technical / engineering problem solving ensuring the ethical and life-cycle perspective
  • How to apply knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences, technology, and ICT-topics to solve advanced technological and engineering problems to develop of innovative and sustainable processes
  • Advanced knowledge of research and development work, working methods used by engineers, as well as project execution and working in interdisciplinary teams
  • Relevant knowledge about plant operation and safety