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Geotechnics and Geohazards (Master's Programme)


Krysspublisert - Student counselling

Our student advisors can help you with:

  • your study plan
  • progress of study
  • leave of absence
  • choice of study tracks
  • rules and regulations at NTNU
  • challenges as a student

Anything you discuss with your student adviser is confidential.

We are not able to preliminary approve potential applicants.

For questions concerning individual courses, you should contact the course coordinator giving the course. Course coordinators can be found on the home pages of each individual course in our course database.

Are you already enrolled as a student at NTNU? In that case, please contact us through the self-help portal NTNU Hjelp, instead of contacting a student adviser directly. Maybe you can find the answer to your question in NTNU Hjelp?

If you are not yet enrolled as an NTNU student, you can reach our student advisers at: 
  studier@iv.ntnu.no |     73 59 37 00

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Krysspublisert - questions about admission

Questions about admission

If you have questions about application, admissions requirements and documents, please contact: