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Four students in the Logistics 4.0 lab. Photo: NTNU/Geir Mogen

What will I learn

Global Manufacturing Management (Sivilingeniør) (Master's Programme)

What will you learn?

Benefit by getting digital competence

As a student on Master in Global Manufacturing Management you will get digital competency by being introduced to an IT system commonly used in the industry.

The specialisations in the master's degree programme benefit from learning how digital tools can be used in how enterprises plan their operations. This digital competence gives you an advantage in applying for managerial jobs in the industry.

Studying Global Manufacturing Management also introduces you to Industry 4.0 technologies, and how they can be used to gain strategic advantages. Within the department, there is a newly opened Logistics 4.0 Laboratory where you can conduct research for your projects. The laboratory consists of state-of-the-art technological logistics equipment.

Two students in the Logistics 4.0 lab. Photo: NTNU/Geir Mogen

Insights from many different disciplines

This programme of study focuses on strategic management of manufacturing in an international value chain. This means that you must combine interdisciplinary experience and theoretical insights from many different disciplines such as industrial economics, purchasing, logistics, technology management, cultural, political science, project management, manufacturing strategy, supply chain management and knowledge management.

Collaboration with the industry

NTNU is a world leader in the education of manufacturing and logistics. Through close cooperation with the industry you will gain a broad, interdisciplinary knowledge with a global perspective.