Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering

Joint Nordic Master’s degree programme, 2 years

Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering

– Job prospects

Career opportunities

Career opportunities

As an Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineer there are plenty of opportunities to find a job. Energy engineering related companies have an increasing potential to offer, not only in conventional energy technologies but also in the increasing business of renewable energies. A list of potential companies (mostly located in Norway, but also international) you can find at Energikontakten, an university organization at NTNU in Trondheim, that connects energy related companies to students.

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Student stories

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Joey Alfrink

Started 2012

Photo: personalStudy track: System Integration of Wind Power

– In conclusion, the ISEE program has been the perfect way to explore where my real interests are and has enabled me to find an exciting job even before I graduated.

My name is Joey Alfrink and I started the ISEE program at KTH during the fall of 2012. After leaning about all the major renewable and also conventional energy technologies I found my passion in wind energy and moved to Denmark. I took both courses that covered the mechanical and courses that covered the electrical side of wind energy. Finally, I decided to specialize in wind resources assessment by doing my master thesis with the meterology department of the research institute associated with DTU. Here I developed a strong interest in the economical aspect of renewable energy. Read more

Marco Plano

Started 2012

Photo: personalStudy track: Energy Systems

– I had a great experience with the ISEE master since it provides knowledge in the wide range of topics. This allowed me to study and experience different sectors of the energy business. Thanks to this I feel enthusiastic knowing that lots of doors will be open for my future career.

I am Marco Plano and I am an Italian 24 years old ISEE student. I did my Bac in Turin (Italy) as Energy Engineering and then I started the MSc ISEE in August 2012 at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) I took courses on energy modelling, computational fluid dynamic and renewable technologies.
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Jana Herrmann

Started 2012

Photo: personalStudy track: Bioenergy

– The ISEE program was the perfect way to explore my interest and it made me aware of the opportunities for my professional life. Additionally I could build up a network full of inspiring motivated people from all over the world.

My name is Jana Hermann, I`m from Germany and started the ISEE master program at KTH in Stockholm Sweden in august 2012. During the first semester we got a broad overview of several conventional and renewable energy technologies, including economic and environmental aspects. This was a good base to bring the students with different study backgrounds on one level and to decide on a further specialization. I chose to stay one more semester at KTH to gain deeper knowledge in sustainable power generation.
For the second year I went to NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, to specialize in Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS).
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Carolyn Willems

Started 2016

Study Track:
Solar Cell Systems and Materials (DTU/NTNU)student photo

Current Position: Sustainable Energy Researcher, Smart Innovation Norway

After finishing a bachelor’s degree in materials engineering in Canada, I knew I wanted to continue my exploration of energy materials.
What I didn’t realize was how interested I would become in the bigger picture of sustainable energy. I started out at DTU in Copenhagen where I gained a solid background on energy markets and systems. Read more

Luis Guajardo

Started 2015
Sudent photo

Study track:
System Integration of Wind Power

Current Position: Grid Integration Engineer @ Enercon

Being a Mexican Mechatronics Engineer with several years of industrial experience, deciding to go back to University to change my career path and specialize in wind power was not an easy task. Read more

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