What will you learn?

Mathematical Sciences - Master's Programme, 2 years - Trondheim

What will you learn?

A Master's in Mathematics is an extremely robust education. You will develop strong analytical skills and become proficient at structuring, investigating, and analysing information. 

When you pursue a Master's degree in Mathematics, you need to choose a specialisation.

We offer specialisations in: 

  • Algebra  
  • Analysis  
  • Topology  
  • Statistics  
  • Applied Mathematics  

The Master's programme lasts 2 years and amounts to 120 credit points, with 45 of these being the Master's thesis. 

Each field of study requires its own academic foundation, which will typically comprise four subjects with 7.5 credit points each. It's possible to take one or more of these subjects during the Bachelor's degree, ensuring a gradual transition and earlier academic maturity from Bachelor's to Master's. 

A Master's degree in Mathematics has a breadth requirement, indicating that at least three subjects, each of 7.5 credit points, should be chosen outside the primary focus of the Master's degree. All students must take at least two mathematical subjects (each worth 7.5 credits) selected outside the specialisation in the Master's degree, and they must be at Master's level. Subjects outside the department's course offerings can be included as part of the Master's programme; however, these must be specifically approved by the department.