Study environment

Molecular Medicine (Master's Programme)

Study environment

Students will get access to high-tech laboratory environments, and modern reading and lecture rooms, and library facilities at Øya campus in Trondheim. NTNU shares this campus with St. Olav's University Hospital. In the Laboratory-, Gastro-, and Knowledge Centres students get to work in high-tech and state of the art laboratory environments side by side with researchers both from NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital.

Molecular Medicine is a rapidly evolving field that requires interdisciplinary insight. Teaching on the MSc programme is provided by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU.

The teaching includes lectures, problem-based learning (PBL), team-based learning (TBL), colloquiums, laboratory exercises and project work, and is conducted in modern learning facilities. The language of instruction is English. This provides an opportunity to develop your skills in this language.

Since the MSc is an international program, you will meet fellow students with different cultural and ethnical backgrounds. This provides an opportunity to get to know other aspects of society than the Norwegian.

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