Career opportunities

Materials Science and Engineering (Master's Programme)

Career opportunities

A MSc in Materials Science and Engineering will give you a broad range of job opportunities both in Norway and internationally.

Enterprises within the following areas need Material Scientists: 

  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical
  • Battery
  • Energy Technology
  • IT
  • Transport/infrastructure
  • Consultancy 
  • Research 

Because 40% of the Norwegian industry is material based, typical candidates often work in metallurgical and chemical industries like Elkem, Hydro, Equinor, Sintef and Aker Solutions. These large companies also have international operations.

In addition Norway will likely need over 2000 battery engineers by 2025. So if batteries are of interest, there is a lot of great job opportunities at companies like Freyr, Morrow and Beyonder. 

The engineering degree also means you are an attractive candidate for both IT and consultancy agencies like DNV, Sophra Steria, Visma etc. 

Also transportation companies like Vy, Bane Nor and public offices will need Material Scientists. 

It is possible to get to know potential employers through many different career days like Materialdagen (, during the studies. Here companies come to present their work and meet with the students. It is also possible to write project or master thesis in direct cooperation with businesses.


Further studies

Do you have passion for research?

If you want profound knowledge within one field of interest, maybe a PhD is something for you?

Paid education: With a degree in MSc in Materials Science and Engineering you can choose among the different PhD programmes offered by the Faculty of natural sciences.

The PhD programmes educate independent scientists on an international level in cooperation with both national and international research environments.

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