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The field of Neuroscience is multidisiplinary and rapidly developing. The MSc in Neuroscience at NTNU offers both a basic introduction to this research area as well as training in research methodology. The master's programme is suitable for students motivated towards research or teaching in neuroscience in particular, or the natural sciences in general. The introduction to experimental and analytical methods is relevant to other academic areas as well.

Graduated students can apply for a wide range of positions, including:

  • Science teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Research and teaching administrator
  • Adviser in public and government institutions
  • Laboratory technician
  • Research assistant
  • Academic journalist
  • Medical writer for medical communication
  • Clinical data manager (working with different databases)
  • Patent agent

Completion of the MSc degree qualifies for study at the PhD level.

Examples of Graduated Students' Careers

Examples of Graduated Students' Careers

Picture of Marianne RuudMarianne Ruud graduated in 2011, and works as a lecturer at the University College of Lillehammer:

"If I can give an advice to new students, it would be that it is important to think of the big picture when looking for a job. (...)
I must say that the compulsory courses have been of huge importance for my current work."

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Picture of Øystein BrekkØystein Brekk graduated in 2011. Now he takes his PhD at the Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens (BRFAA).

"It is advisable to send out applications for PhD positions as well as other positions when you are halfway through the master's degree."

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Picture of Dejana GajdasevicDejana Gajdasevic graduated in 2010 and works as a laboratory consultant at Molde Hospital.

"My master's degree has contributed to defining me as a more independent employee".

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Picture of Seth Bonsu AgyeiSeth Bonsu Agyei graduated in 2011. Now he takes his PhD at the Developmental Neuroscience Lab, Department of Psychology at NTNU.

"I wanted to study at NTNU because of the high standard of education at the university. The Neuroscience program also has some of the world's leading researchers as faculty members."

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08 Dec 2015

Examples of Employers

Examples of Employers

  • Universities
  • University colleges
  • Colleges
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food industry
  • Biotech and Medtech industries
  • Academic publishers
  • Govermental agencies, governmental laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Private research foundations