Master's Degree Programme, 2 years, Trondheim


– Study Environment

Your studies will take place at Gløshaugen Campus, in surroundings internationally acclaimed for more than 100 years of scientific research. The Department of Physics is located in the most modern and up to date building on the campus, the Natural Science Building.

At Gløshaugen you will be a part of an international study environment, and the courses are taken in integrated classes with both Norwegian and foreign students. All master's courses are lectured in English.

You will get a permanent desk in a reading room reserved for master's students at the Department of Physics, and you will get access to computer facilities of high standard. Your MSc thesis is performed in close collaboration with your supervisor and other MSc students and PhD candidates. Our experimental research laboratories are well equipped. There is an outstanding science library at your disposal.

NTNU Faculty of Natural Sciences

Student Organization Delta

Delta is a student association run by the students for the students. Delta regularly organize social gatherings and seminars, among others. Delta is a place to meet fellow students who will make your student life richer.

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