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Global Health (Master's Programme)


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Are you interested in improving health and well-being of people all around the world? Are you curious about what global health is? Do you want to learn about the biggest health challenges all around the world, and how they affect peace and prosperity?

Are you interested in using your skills, in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or engineering to develop solutions that can improve health, decrease poverty and make a positive impact on the lives of people all over the world?

If so, NTNU's multidisciplinary Master of Science (MSc) in Global Health is the right choice for you.

The master's programme has small classes, focused groups and direct engagement with the faculty. This stimulates a good study environment. The students contribute to the interdisciplinary environment with their different educational backgrounds, research and field experiences and perspectives from across the globe and across the disciplines.

Master's thesis projects are designed and offered in multidisciplinary research teams, focusing on current challenges that are defining the world around us. They range from refugee health to use of mobile technology for maternal health, domestic violence to improved kits for pregnancy. In the end, our environment enables students to learn from the instructors and their peers to create new knowledge for a better and healthy world.

The MSc in Global Health is a full-time programme of study. The length of study is two years (four semesters). It is not advisable to combine this programme of study with a full-time job.

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NTNU takes pride in providing an intellectually rich and culturally diverse environment to engage the mind. The MSc in Global Health is particularly designed to allow for rigorous training in a curious and enabling environment where students from all over the world will bring their experience and expertise to understand the greatest health challenges facing the world today. We strive to provide a platform that is both culturally cognizant and socially engaging to create the next generation of scholars who are ready to make a lasting positive impact on the world’s health.

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The MSc is a two-year, full-time programme starting in the autumn semester (mid-August). There are three main components:

  • Courses in global health (30 ECTS credits)
  • Courses in research methods and interdisciplinary project work (30 ECTS credits) and
  • Master's thesis (60 ECTS credits)

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Academic requirements

We accept all bachelor's degrees (or 3-year equivalent) where students see the Master of Science in Global Health as an appropriate continuation of their academic background. An average grade equal to or higher that the Norwegian “C” is required.

Application deadlines

Non-EU/non-EEA students:
1 December 2022

EU/EEA/Swiss students: 
1 March 2023

Norwegian/Nordic students:
15 April 2023

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Contact our student advisor if you have any questions about the MSc in Global Health.

If you have questions regarding admission requirements, please contact the Academic Administrative Division

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