What will I learn

Global Health (Master's Programme)

What will you learn?

The Master of Science (MSc) in Global Health will provide a theoretical base on health and health systems, and an emphasis on methodology and training in different research methods. There will be a special emphasis on innovation and technological support and services in global health.

Why Study Global Health?

We live in a complex, interconnected world. Some of the grandest challenges facing humanity today revolved around equity and equality, universal access to health care, communicable diseases and the increase of non-communicable diseases worldwide. Our ability to address these rests on knowledge and awareness that can help us design new tools to investigate and guide national policies and guidelines. Global Health is the path that through knowledge and practice, allows us to make positive contributions to our greatest challenges in health, all over the world.

About the Programme of Study

The MSc in Global Health at NTNU will provide a rigorous basis on health and health systems, and an emphasis on methodology and training in different research methods with case studies from the field in various parts of the world.

The emphasis om innovation is what makes the MSc programme at NTNU different from similar programmes. In addition to the traditional areas of global health (e.g. epidemiology, health systems), we also focus on the role of innovation and technology. The programme engages students in various projects to understand the role of technology to improve global health and identify areas of immediate need and long-term growth. The concept of innovation is not only limited to technology, but social and financial innovation are also discussed throughout the course of the programme.

The MSc programme reflects traditional areas of global health including reproductive health and nutrition, but also reflects current issues of high socio-cultural importance such as human rights, domestic violence and environmental factors influencing health.

Overall, the master's programme reflects our values of rigour, innovation, and context – with a goal of creating scholars and practitioners, who are equipped with the necessary intellectual tools to make a sustained positive impact on the global health landscape.