Industrial Design

Master`s Degree Programme, 5 years

Industrial Design

– Programme components
program structure

The Industrial Design programme provides basic technological knowledge as well as skills within engineering design, aesthetical topics and human-machine interaction. Projects in Design Project amounts to approx. 30% of the programme.

1st – 4th semesters cover general basic topics, skills development in design and project-based product design learning.

5th – 6th semesters include advanced engineering and design courses and project-based learning with focus on humans and technology from a system perspective.

7th – 10th semesters offer several larger individual projects where the students may specialize within the research areas at the Department of Product Design in addition to choosing from a wide range of NTNU’s courses. The common theme is strategic use of design, product development methodology, leadership, identity and design strategies.

The study includes four non-technological courses.

Choice of courses in the 6th and 8th semesters and project assignment in the 7th semester

The course combination must include enough obligatory and elective courses each year to fill the requirement of 60 credits. Deadline for choosing courses is 15 May. The course Product Design 7 is based on practical project work. The project in Product Design 7 is carried out in cooperation with an industry enterprise. The course selection in the 6th semester is performed electronically when registrating the individual education plan.

Specialization course

The project assignment for the specialization course is chosen in the first week of teaching in the 9th semester, and deadline for handing in the assignments is the final exam week (week 51).

For engineers (Bachelor in engineering)

Engineers with the appropriate background in design and technology may apply for the 4th year at Industrial Design and achieve a masters degree within two years. The syllabus for 4th year engineers from a different background has not yet been prepared, but these students will most likely be required to take certain courses from the 3rd year in stead of elective courses and Experts in Team.

13 Feb 2017