Electronics Systems Design and Innovation


Electronics Systems Design and Innovation

– About the programme

Councelling students (image) -Photo: Geir Mogen

Language of instruction is Norwegian.

Electronics Systems Design and Innovation at NTNU provides you more options than what can be related to the term electronics. You may specialize in micro- and nano-technology, medical instrumentation, telecommunications, acoustics, music and speech technology, space technology, and integrated circuit design. These are all tools that are integrated in most of the things you are surrounded with in your everyday life. The major Electronics Systems Design and Innovation at NTNU gives you a solid educational background that is needed to develop the technology of the future.

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  • Degree type: Master i teknologi
  • Credits: 300
  • Application code: 194761
  • Ordinary quota: 2020 59.1
  • Ordinary quota f. diploma: 2020 57.8
  • Unit: Department of Electronic Systems
  • Application deadline: 15. April
  • Language of instruction is Norwegian
  • Location: Trondheim

FELLESARTIKKEL: Gjelder aktuell internasjonale masterprogram innenfor teknologi


The candidate has earned the right to use the Norwegian professional title sivilingeniør. This right is legally protected in Norway.

Application deadline

Application deadline

15. April