Energy and Environmental Engineering

MSc programme, 5 years

Energy and Environmental Engineering

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This programme is meant for Scandinavian speaking students.

Field of study: Heat and Energy Processes

Should electricity and heat be produced from gas, oil, coal, waste, biomass, wind, water or other renewable energy sources?

Turbines and incineration plants, purification equipment, energy processes in industry and the efficiency improvement of these, heat pumps and air conditioning plants are technologies dealt with in the field Heat and Energy Processes.

Field of study: Energy Systems Planning

District heating, gas pipes or electricity? The interaction between different energy carriers is a topic of national and international importance and is central in the planning and operation of our current and not to mention our future energy systems.

The sale of electric power on a free, international power market and the large-scale power exchange across countries are growing. How does this affect energy consumption and the environment, and how can measures aimed at users of buildings and in industry become important? Questions of this type are dealt with in this field.

Field of study: Electrical Energy Engineering

Gas power or renewable energy? Either way, our society is totally dependent upon electricity. Generators, power electronics and high voltage engineering are core technologies for energy production.

The entire electrical infrastructure must be further developed and maintained to ensure effective and reliable energy supply. Electric engines and control systems are central to all kinds of electric cars, trains or ships: hybrid, fuel cell or battery operated. These are examples of technologies you will learn about in Electrical Energy Engineering.

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Degree: Master of Technology
Duration: 5 years, 300 ECTS
Programme code: MTENERG
Restricted admission: Yes
Language of instruction: Norwegian   

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Department of Electric Power Engineering
Department of Energy and Process Engineering

City: Trondheim, Norway
Application deadline: 15th April

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