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PhD in Engineering

PhD in Structural Engineering

PhD in Structural Engineering

The doctoral research, or organized research training, in structural engineering is closely linked to the research that is conducted at the Department of Structural Engineering. Admission to the programme is typically contingent on applying for, and being awarded a PhD position.

Some relevant research fields are:

  • computational mechanics
  • fatigue and rupture mechanics
  • impact and energy abroption
  • constructions of concrete, steal and light metals, wood
  • concrete technology
  • biomechanics
  • nanomechanics

Currently, the Department of Structural Engineering has approximately 46 doctoral fellows (PhD students). On average, and for the last 10 years, seven doctoral candidates complete their studies each year.

General information, handbooks, applicable rules of admission, as well as forms, can be found on the Faculty of Engineering doctoral programme pages.

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