PhD-programme in Economics and Management

PhD-programme in Economics and Management

Photo: Kim Ramberghaug/NTNU

Studier PHD-faktaboks

About the PhD-programme

The PhD study in Economics and Management is closely linked with our research initiatives and departments.

You are given the opportunity to specialize in three disciplines:

A PhD is a three-year degree based on five years of higher education, including a master's degree or other equivalent education. The programme consists of a coursework component of at least 30 ECTS and a doctoral thesis.

A PhD is the highest level of formalized education in Norway. 

Candidates who hold a PhD in Economics and Management are well prepared for careers in research and teaching at leading educational institutions and at other public- and private-sector institutions that require a high level of expertise and analytical skills.

To be admitted to a PhD-programme you must have a complete funding plan and have completed at least five years of higher education including a master’s degree. You must have a strong academic record from your previous studies and the project description must hold a high academic standard.