CERG will start the clinical research project "Generation 100" during the fall of 2012. All Trondheim residents born between 1938 and 1942 will be invited to join the study, and we hope that as many as possible of these approx. 4500 individuals will choose to participate.

Do people who exercise regularly really live longer and better lives? We wish to find out if there is a connection between the amount of exercise that seniors get, and their morbidity and mortality. Additionally, we will see if there is a connection between the exercise intensity and any health benefits. For example, it would be relevant to identify what kind of exercise (high or low intensity) gives the greatest cardioprotective effect. 

This study stems from the population shift and current health reform. As in many other countries, the Norwegian population is aging, which will challenge our ability to provide healthcare and eldercare. Nevertheless, future demand for healthcare services depends on how ill and disabled the elderly will be. In addition to the economic benefit to society, we believe that encouraging physical activity is an important means of improving quality of life.

Cardiac Exercise Research Group

If you want to know more about "Generation 100," please visit our Norwegian site for full details, or contact CERG or the study leadership with your questions.

Telephone (8am-4pm):

  • Exercise unit: (+47) 73517845
  • Research unit: (+47) 72829770


Business address:

  • St. Olav's Hospital
  • Prinsesse Kristinas gt. 3
  • Akutten og Hjerte-lunge-senteret, 3rd floor
  • 7006 Trondheim
  • >> See map (external link)

Postal address:

  • NTNU, Faculty of Medicine
  • Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
  • Box 8905
  • 7491 Trondheim
  • Norway


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