Background for the study

Elderly couple walking and laughingDemographic data indicate tripling of the population aged 60 years or older by the year 2050. Since this age group is the fastest growing sub-population in the developed society today, research into prophylactic properties on how to achieve “healthy” aging is needed and required.

Generation 100 is the largest randomized clinical study that evaluates the effect of regular exercise training on morbidity and mortality in elderly people. Inclusion of the participants in Generation 100 started in 2012. Since then, a total of 1567 participants have been randomized to either five years of supervised exercise training, or to a control group. The exercise group was further randomized to either two weekly sessions of high intensity training, consisting of 10 minutes warm-up followed by 4x4 minute intervals at approximately 90 percent of peak heart rate,  or, to moderate intensity training consisting of 50 minutes of continuous work at approximately 70 percent of peak heart rate. The control group was instructed to follow physical activity advice according to national recommendations.

Clinical examinations, as well as questionnaires, are administered to all participants at baseline, at one year (2013/2014), three year (2015/2016), and five year follow up (2017/2018). In light of the aging population, our data will contribute to an improved understanding on how older persons can achieve more, active years in better health.  If proven beneficial, exercise as “medicine” will be a relatively cheap, accessible and available treatment that can benefit a large proportion of the population.

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