Get Fit

Working late? Spending extra time on chores? Feeling drawn to your nice soft couch? These are well-known excuses for putting off exercise. If you're low on motivation and have little time for working out, here's a guide to get you back in shape. You'll find that it really doesn't take too much to make a difference. This is great news if you think exercising takes too long; 20 minute workouts are enough to increase your fitness. All it takes is adding a 4-minute high-intensity stint to your workouts to get your heart racing. 
Get fit

We've outlined a 7-week fitness program where you'll quickly see your fitness improve using simple exercises. The regimen is aimed at people feeling out of shape, or who lack recent training experience. We use running and walking as examples for improving general fitness, however you could just as well ski, bike, swim or anything similar so long as you engage the main muscle groups.

Download the program in printer friendly version (NB - short version, read the instructions per week for detailed information.)

Week 1

Week 1: Start your exercise adventure with lighter intervals and familiarize yourself with some strength exercises. Initially, just get try to get going and keep your motivation up.

Week 2

Week 2: Intervals, thigh exercises and forest hiking. See if you can get a friend to tag along; it adds to the fun and you can motivate each other.

Week 3

Week 3: Intervals, enjoying the outdoors and a weekend off – you're already half way there and doing great! The trick is keeping your motivation up even when the going gets tough. 

Week 4

Week 4: A more strenuous week with rougher intervals and more thigh exercises, but it's definitely worth the effort! A little high-intensity training goes a long way.

Week 5

Week 5: A calmer week after last week's impressive feats. You've been exercising for a month now, and hopefully it's becoming routine. 

Week 6

Week 6: The worst is likely over, and your intervals should be feeling more familiar. Both your fitness and your cardiovascular health are improving – great job! 

Week 7

Week 7: Last week of the program and you should be feeling fitter and more confident about continuing the exercise on your own. Keep it up!