Background and activities


I studied Socio-Cultural anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires (Lic, 1998) and Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester (MA, 1999; PhD, 2004). During 2004-2006 I took a postdoctoral position at University College Dublin. In 2006 I moved to Tallinn to build up the Baltic area´s Departmen of Sociocultural Anthropology and in 2007 was elected as the country’s first Chaired Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology. I came to NTNU in August 2009, where I have coordinated the PhD programme between 2010 and 2014. I am member of two research groups: "Culture, Innovation, and the Future", and "Migration Mobility and Settlement".

Current Research
Based on a full year's fieldwork in Argentina in 2014, I am  focusing on issues of mobility, subjectivity, integration and cultural transmission among Syrian and Lebanese immigrants (and their descendants). This is done as part of my engagement with two Norwegian Research Council projects the "Norwegian Network for the Anthropology of Mobilities", and "The Cultural Logic of Facts and Figures".

I am also involved in a project in Spain, on the social and cultural life (from conception to consumption) of the Iberian pig (pata negra) where we focus on the anthropology of the senses, food production, certification and standardization.

Old Colony Mennonites and the Anthropology of the Future (1996-2000)

I did three summers fieldwork in an Old Colony Mennonite settlement in the Province of La Pampa (Argentina) and whole year among various colonies in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia). I dealt with a variety of issues from community making to intrareligious conflict, transnationalism and trans-statalism, kinship and marriage strategies, conversion, interface between religion and politics, nation and state building, and the imagination of the future.

Ireland-Northern Ireland, Borders and Identity (2004-2006)

Between 2004 and 2006, I held a postdoctoral position at the Geary Institute (at the time called Institute for the Study of Social Change), University College Dublin where I was research coordinator of the “Intergenerational transmission and ethno-national identity in the [Irish] border area”. As part of a multi institutional, cross-border and interdisciplinary team, I did fieldwork in several locations on both sides of the Irish border (mostly the Monahan-Armagh section but also Derry/Londonderry-Letterkenny), focusing on generations, identity, nationality and religion.

Estonia (2006-2009)

While in Estonia I was PI of "Imagining the Future nation and state-making in comparative perspective" (funded by the Estonian Scientific Agency), a senior researcher at the "Landscape Heritage and Practice", and  member of the EU funded, Center of Excellence in Cultural Theory. I have also done a short three months fieldwork during 2008 in a small inter-ethnic community of Anabaptist dissenters in Tarija (Bolivia).

Other Projects

While still a student in Buenos Aires (1994-1998) I participated as research assistant in two projects "The ecological dimension in industrial production and consumption" and "The ethnographic invention of Argentina".


Migration, mobility, settlement, Christianity, religion, global religions, political anthropology, interface between religion and politics, sovereignty, transnationalism, intrareligious conflict, anthropology of the future, statecraft, citizenship, nationalism, space and place, subjectivity,diaspora, food and nutrition.


Argentina, Bolivia, Ireland, Northern-Ireland, Estonia, Syrian and Lebanese diaspora, Spain.