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Erling Skakkes gate 47A, Schøninghuset*B-330

Background and activities

Research interests

I am interested in evolution, systematics and biogeography, in particular of non-biting midges of the family Chironomidae (Diptera). My research focuses on taxonomy, biology, phylogeny, zoogeography and molecular systematics of genera and species in the tribe Tanytarsini, but I am also involved in work with other groups of animals and plants.

The last few years I have been heavily involved in various priojects testing and using DNA barcoding in biosystematics. I am currently chairing the Norwegian Barcode of Life network and project (NorBOL) with the goal of developing this initiative into a national infrastructure on DNA Barcoding.


The last couple of years I have lectured courses in biosystematicsm biogerography and molecular techniques (BI1002, BI2001 and BI2019) at the NTNU Department of Biology

Scientific collections

I am curator of Diptera, Hymenoptera, Arachnida and a few minor insect orders at the NTNU University Museum.