English Matters

Resource bank

Faculties and departments at NTNU
Norwegian-to-English translations of NTNU job titles
UHR´s Termbase - translations of educational terms
BIBSYS Norwegian research publications
Stortinget - key translations
Translation of Norwegian ministries
Translated Norwegian legislation
EØS base, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (135 000 terms, EN, FR, NO, see 'Søk i basen')
International Telephone Alphabet
Countries and Currencies
World Atlas
Time and Date
British National Corpus (Oxford Univ. - frequency sampler)
Just the Word - Useful corpus     
Google books corpus


NTNU English Style Guide
Emails and letters
English Style Guidelines for authors of papers and other documents
European Commission: English Style Guide
Guide for Students in Academic Writing
Advice on Academic Writing
PhD on track
European Curriculum Vitae Format
CV writing
Notes on Punctuation

Vocabulary and Grammar

Vocabulary and current affairs from BBC World Service (See "Words in the News")
For teachers - BBC World Service
Academic vocabulary
Academic vocabulary exercises
Learning English - Grammar and Vocabulary (From BBC World Service)
Common Errors in English


Language Bank
Phrasal verbs (Dictionary and exercises)
BBC English I
BBC English II
Collocation exercises
Vocabulary exercises from Stewart
Vocabulary exercises
World Wide Words
Article use I online grammar
Article use I exercises
Article use II online grammar
Article use II exercises
Prepositions I
Prepositions II


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