English Matters

Resource bank

Faculties and departments at NTNU
Norwegian-to-English translations of NTNU job titles
UHR´s Termbase - translations of educational terms
BIBSYS Norwegian research publications
Stortinget - key translations
Translation of Norwegian ministries
Translated Norwegian legislation
EØS base, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (135 000 terms, EN, FR, NO, see 'Søk i basen')
International Telephone Alphabet
Countries and Currencies
World Atlas
Time and Date
British National Corpus (Oxford Univ. - frequency sampler)
Just the Word - Useful corpus     
Google books corpus


NTNU English Style Guide
Emails and letters
English Style Guidelines for authors of papers and other documents
European Commission: English Style Guide
Guide for Students in Academic Writing
Advice on Academic Writing
PhD on track
European Curriculum Vitae Format
CV writing
Notes on Punctuation

Vocabulary and Grammar

Learning English - BBC web site with grammar and vocabulary
For teachers - BBC World Service  (archived site, no longer updated)
Academic vocabulary
Academic vocabulary exercises
Common Errors in English


Language Bank
Phrasal verbs (Dictionary and exercises)
BBC English I (no longer updated, but useful)
BBC English II (no longer updated, but still useful)
Collocation exercises
Vocabulary exercises from Stewart
Vocabulary exercises
World Wide Words
Article use I online grammar
Article use I exercises
Article use II online grammar
Article use II exercises
Prepositions I
Prepositions II


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