Department of Computer and Information Science


High competence within a broad spectrum of Computer and Information Science. To offer the best education in the country and conduct top of the line research, one needs to understand the complexities and correlations between the subfields.

Research Groups

The departments have 6 research groups:

  • Algorithms, HPC, and Graphics - focuses on algorithms with emphasis on search, bioinformatics, high-performance computing and computer graphics.
  • Computer Architecture and Design - conducts research in the fields of Computer Architecture and Computer Design. Areas of focus include processor technology, hardware, system software and the hardware/software interface.
  • Data and Information Management - focuses on database systems, information management and retrieval, and digital libraries.
  • Information Systems - conducts research on information system engineering, empirical information systems and human-computer interaction.
  • Intelligent Systems - focuses on logical, probabilistic and biologically-inspired methods in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML).
  • Software Engineering - does research in component-based software development, software dependability (including security, risk assessment and certification), software process improvement (e.g. teamwork, agile development and knowledge management), cooperation technologies (e.g. mobile computing, learning and social media), and 3D-work with focus in visualization and virtual reality.

Research Projects

Our faculty explore the frontiers of research in joint research projects from EU, the Research Council of Norway, and other partners.

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EU Projects

Projects from the Research Council of Norway (NFR)

Our Strategic Research Areas at the IME faculty

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