Faculty of Medicine

Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging (ISB)

The department is involved in educationresearch and promotion of several medical fields related to the circulatory and respiratory systems. We are also host institution for the Centre of Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS)K.G. Jebsen Center for Exercise in Medicine - Cardiac Exercise Research Group (CERG)The Medical Simulation Centre, and the MR Centre.

The department is mainly situated in the "Akutten og Hjerte-lunge-senteret" (AHL) building complex. The administrative staff is located in mid eastern part of the 2nd floor at the AHL.

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Contact information

Business address:

St.Olavs Hospital
Prinsesse Kristinas gt. 3
Akutten og Hjerte-lunge-senteret, 3.etg. (see map)


Postal address:
NTNU, Det medisinske fakultet
Institutt for sirkulasjon og bildediagnostikk
Postboks 8905
7491  Trondheim, Norway

Delivery address:

Heggstadmoen 51
Intern: Akutten og Hjerte-lunge-senteret, 3.etg. øst
7080 Heimdal, Norway