Department of Physics

Programmes of study

Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes in Physics

Department of Physics teaches physics courses customised for the different study programmes at NTNU. The physics courses cover a wide range of subjects within both experimental and theoretical physics. We have modern laboratory facilities and during the physics studies our students will be doing assignments involving use of advanced equipment. In project work and on the Master's Thesis the students have the opportunity to make use of research laboratories. The following programmes of study are closely connected to Department of Physics.

Master of science in technology

Advanced engineering/Master's degree programme, 5 years

Applied Physics and Mathematics (MTFYMA)

Specialisation: Applied Physics and Biophysics and Medical technology

Nanotechnology (MTNANO)

Natural science programmes

Bachelor's degree programme, 3 years

Physics (BFY)

Autumn 2013 the Master in Physics programme (MFY) became replaced by MSc in Physics (MSPHYS)

Master's degree programme, 5 years

Natural Science with teacher education (MLREAL)  (in co-operation with the IME-faculty)

International master's degree programme

Master's degree programme, 2 years

MSc in Physics (MSPHYS)

In 2014 there will be no admission to MSc in Medical Technology (MSMEDTEK)

Information material

Recruitment brochures for Master's degree programme (MSc)

Studieretning Teknisk fysikk [pdf]  (Norwegian)

Studieretning Biofysikk og medisinsk teknologi [pdf]  (Norwegian)

Question about our studies?

Guide and questions: Frequently asked questions for prospective students

Contact: Peder Kristian Brenne, study adviser at Department of Physics

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