International master's programme

Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture

Illustration of sustaiable buildings


About the programme

The MSc in Sustainable Architecture at NTNU aims at educate and train building professionals in the use and development of competitive methods and solutions for lowering GHG emissions of the built environment in a life-cycle perspective. Architects and engineers need nowadays to be able to design buildings able to establish a symbiotic relation with the natural environment. An architectural design process cannot any longer disregard a deep comprehension of the natural environment’s limits and resources, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.


New students are admitted to the MSc program every August. EU / EEA / Norwegian students should apply by 1 March, and Non-EU/non-EEA students should apply by 1 December. Admission requriements

Job prospects

The MSc programme in Sustainable Architecture lies at the forefront of research, innovation and implementation related to reducing GHG emissions in architecture. Learning activities throughout the program are designed in such a way that the students are able to transfer the knowledge gained into their practice as future building professionals. The continuous focus on an integrated design methodology throughout the programme enables the students to perform in any building design team, both as co-workers and as leaders.

Course description

The curriculum of the MSc in Sustainable Architecture is structured around three main concerns related to the environmental impact of the built environment (I semester: environmental performance, II semester: environmental impact and III semester: integrated energy design). The focus of the theory and project courses run in each semester corresponds to the acquisition of specific knowledge and competence for lowering GHG emissions of buildings. In the fourth semester students develop their Master thesis, as a research based report or design project.


Admission and administrative matters:
Erik Sigvaldsen
Academic matters:
Luca Finocchiaro


Facts about the programme

Degree: International Master's (MSc) - 2 years
Restricted admission:  Yes (20 students admitted)
Department: Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art
Validity of information: 2015 - 2016
Place of study: Trondheim, Gløshaugen

Application deadlines

The application deadlines for master's degrees starting August 2016 have passed.

The next round of admission will open in autumn 2016, with the following application deadlines: 

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 
1 December 2016

EU / EEA / Norwegian students: 
1 March 2017


How to apply