MSc programme, 5 years

Computer Science

– About the study programme

This is a programme for Scandinavian-speaking students. More information is available at the Norwegian website.

The following fields of study are available in this programme:

Complex Computer Systems

The primary topic for this field of study is the building stones used for solving complicated problems with computers. Using powerful computers to push the limits for what can be calculated, is one of the major challenges.

Ever wondered how it is possible to show pictures of non-existing worlds, such as the Matrix and The Lord of the Rings movies? Then this is where you will find out.

Some problems are so complex and major, that special machines are needed to solve them. By moving some of the borders between the program and the machine the programs can shape the machines according to the problem at hand.

Data and Information Management

The Data and Information Management field of study gives you a thorough understanding of how databases are buildt, and how to effectively search for information in databases.

You also learn about organization, structure, and the use of systems for managing large quantities of information, for instance in digital libraries. Knowledge about the operation of complicated computer systems is also part of this field.

Intelligent Systems

In this field of study you specialize in developing systems which can help you make difficult decisions. These intelligent systems are used for anything from helping doctors diagnose to estimating probable movements in share prices. You also learn how computers are able to see and hear.


In the Software field of study you learn to plan, build, and use information systems – systems that help users with the collection, storage, and distribution of information.

We emphasize the construction of large program systems, focusing on the individual components which any system is made of, and how to create programs which are close to flawless in the shortest time possible.

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