Master’s degree programme, 5 years

Computer Science

– About the programme
Students building a quadcopter. Photo

The Computer Science programme of study is a 5 years Master of Science (sivilingeniør) programme for Scandinavian-speaking students. More information is available at the Norwegian website. 

Computer Science is not only about excellent computer skills - it also deals with contributing to the social development. How can we improve existing systems? What could be useful in the future?

With computer engineering skills you can create computer systems which people need, want, or not yet know that they need.


The Basics

The first two years of the programme focuses on building a basic fundation for the students.

Computer Science. Illustration

Fields of Study

In the third year every student select one of the fields of study:

  • Software - how to development and use of computer systems in organizations
  • Databases and Search - how to efficiently search databases and develop search engines
  • Artificial Intelligence - methods and techniques for decision support and learning machines problem solving 
  • Algorithms and Computers - methods and techniques for development of high performance systems 



In the fourth year every student has to pick one of the specializations:

  • Software Engineering

  • Information Systems

  • Interaction Design and Game Technology

  • Databases and Search

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Algorithms and High Performance Computing

  • Visual Computing

  • Computers and System Software



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